Cat’s Cradle was established on Dominion Day, as a tailoring and menswear shop, took its original name from the celebrated holiday. Founded by Samuel Citron, Dominion Clothing operated more on a handshake for the promise of payment and became trusted for its exceptional service. 

In the mid 1950’s, second generation Norman Citron continued in his father’s footsteps and renamed the store to Mr. Normans Menswear. The seventies saw this menswear shop become a very hip and cool establishment with the introduction of the latest trends in fashion and accessories. In 1972, the store underwent major renovations and Cat’s Cradle was born! The store maintained its trendiness as it started introducing styles that became appealing to women. As the 1980’s arrived so did the third generation twins, Jo-Anne and Caryl Citron who took the Cat’s on a journey of cotton knitwear fashion liken to styles found in magazines and runways of the world at the time. 

The persona, energy and fashion vision of the twins set the Cat’s Cradle apart and helped to bring new friendships and customer loyalty. In 2008, the new team of Mark Citron, Richard Pritchard and Shazia Hafeez brought yet another direction by shifting the focus on supporting Canadian designers and artisans. In addition, with a small handful of international designers, Cat’s Cradle features an eclectic mix of classic fashion clothing, sleek and structured styles for the working woman and adventurous and edgy fashion for the playful woman. Whether to complete an outfit or standing on their own, the accessories are unique and uplifting in a variety of styles sure to please every woman. The best part of the Cat’s experience is the pleasant atmosphere and the level of service because its truly our home. 


Cat’s cradle loves fashion, come explore and see for yourself!!